In the summer of 2013, through the generosity of our donors we launched a pilot Therapeutic Garden Project at one of our outpatient treatment facilities.   A combination of staff and clients are using  gardening  as an alternative therapeutic  tool  to help  them develop new skills, work through problems, enhance their ability to meditate & focus, and to work collaboratively with others.

Our clients  participating in the Gardening Group worked together to watch the seeds and plants they nurtured flourish from a box  of empty soil into a vibrant ecosystem – a very satisfying accomplishments that leaves them  with a powerful sense of purpose and lots of nutritious vegetables to share!

This new initiative furthers the APT Foundation’s mission to promote health and recovery for those who live with substance use disorders or mental illness. Programs like these make a meaningful difference in the lives of persons living with substance use and mental health disorders leading to healthier life styles and communities.  If you would like to help support this initiative and the work we do at the Foundation, please click on the DONATE button above.