Open Access, Open Mic

A podcast committed to the promotion of health and wellness for people living with substance use disorders and mental illness.

Episode 1 with Lynn Madden

Here are some highlights: 

There is a generalized set of ideas that people with substance use disorders are not capable of making decisions in their own best interests. We would consider that they’re not often faced with choices they appreciate. 

We at the APT Foundation are continually asking our clients these questions: What do you want? And how can we help you get there?

Our census has risen from 1,600 in 2006 to 8,000 today, across 5 locations in the Greater New Haven area. Most of this growth has been through word of mouth. People talk to each other and say, “Here’s a place where they can see you the same day, and you can get help.”

One of the first changes we made was to re-order the sequence of events. We said we’re not going to make any appointments, we’re going to do all the necessary tests on the day you come in. By the end of the day, it’s all done. 

Where people walk through the doors is called the Access Center. It has its own entrance, it’s on a bus route. You can get off the bus 20 ft from the door, come inside, and get a cup of coffee or a glass of water. There’s a computer, you can sit and do Facebook if you like while you’re waiting.

Making sure people know they are welcome and cared about makes them more likely to come back again and receive continued treatment.

Episode 2 with Mitch Gallignano

Episode 02: How one city official, Mitch Gallignano of West Haven City Council, changed his response to an APT clinic coming into his community. 

I came into recovery for the wrong reasons, but I stayed for the right ones.  I got my act together at about age 38 or 39, and eventually reached a point in my career when I could give back to the community.

In 2015 the APT Foundation bought a piece of property close to my District. People said ‘We want recovery, but we don’t want it in our backyard.”

When you stop using drugs, you have to learn life all over again, and you need new living skills. I know this from experience. 

I was being pulled both ways, because many citizens were opposed. That was very difficult.

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What the latest research tells us about injection drug use trends, comorbidities and evidence-based interventions, with Dr. Robert Heimer of the Yale School of Public Health

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