Few studies to date have been conducted on the primary care characteristics of patients undergoing office-based treatment for opioid use disorder. Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine, several of whom are also affiliated with the APT Foundation, have just published results of their findings in the Dec 10 issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Family Practice

“Primary care and medication management characteristics among patients receiving office-based opioid treatment with buprenorphine,” is the title of the article. This research was conducted at the APT Foundation. The objective of the study was to characterize the medical conditions, medications, and treatment outcomes among patients receiving office-based treatment for opioid use disorder with buprenorphine, and to describe differences among patients by age and by time in care.

Findings were clear and significant: the clinical needs of this patient group are not unlike those of the general population.

“We thought that if it turned out these patients were not particularly complicated, then it might help encourage primary care providers to offer treatment,” said Cindy Du, a fourth-year medical student at the Yale School of Medicine and lead author of the study. Other authors include Julia Shi, Jeanette Tetrault, Lynn Madden (CEO and President of the APT Foundation), and Declan Barry (Director of APT’s Research program). All are also affiliated with the Yale School of Medicine.

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