The mission of the APT Foundation is to promote health and recovery for those who live with substance use disorders and/or mental illness.

APT was founded in 1970 by members of the Yale School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and is among the oldest treatment programs in the US.  We were among the first in the country to use medication for the treatment of opioid disorder. From its inception, APT was established as a standalone, not-for-profit organization with a community-based Board of Directors.

“The APT Foundation has been in the vanguard of innovative approaches to treating drug-use disorders. Now, the opioid crisis has made its mission more urgent than ever.” – New Haven Biz 

Under its current leadership, APT has grown into an enterprise that employs 340 workers and has five patient-care sites, making it the eighth-largest employer in New Haven. Each year we welcome Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine Fellows from Yale fellowship programs, along with trainees and interns in other clinical disciplines, helping us to employ the latest research-based treatment advances in our clinical programs.

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