APT is very proud of our ability to bring the fruits of latest research advances back to our clients, families and treatment centers with efficacy and at a swift pace. As we continue to reduce the time it takes for research practice to reach clinical practice and publish research findings, we improve individual lives, restore family functioning, and help communities reclaim human potential. Your support is very important to the Foundation’s ability to accomplish this important and life-saving work.

We are happy to accept donations here on the website and will follow up with confirmation for tax purposes. The APT Foundation is considered by the IRS to be a not-for-profit charitable organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the US tax code.

If you would like to discuss a major gift or bequest, please contact Donna Leedhamat DLeedham@aptfoundation.org. She will be happy to schedule a meeting for you with our CEO Lynn Madden, PhD along with appropriate lead staff.