Our operations have continued uninterrupted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. APT values the safety, health and wellbeing of each of our staff members and those who need our care. All persons – staff, patients and visitors – are screened daily for COVID symptoms as well as being temperature checked. All who enter are required to wear a mask unless there is a valid medical reason for not wearing one – if you need a mask, please let us know at the front door. All of our locations are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis using CDC approved cleaners.

Additionally, the vaccine has proven to be highly effective and is a welcome tool to help stem the spread of COVID 19 and its associated deaths and long term health concerns. We are following State of CT guidelines in getting our staff vaccinated and all staff have been offered an opportunity to vaccinate.

Vaccine registration is now available for many CT residents – we continue to publish the State guidance about registration and to encourage/assist all of our patients who are eligible to register for the vaccine as soon as it is offered to them.

Meanwhile, it is so important for ALL of us to continue to follow all of the COVID prevention guidelines put out by the CDC and the State of CT: wearing a mask, washing your hands, physical distancing and monitoring your health every day. Please do not come to the APT Foundation if you are not well. Current patients who are quarantined under Department of Health guidelines may call at 203-781-4600 to arrange their care including medications via telehealth and/or contactless delivery.

Thank you for your cooperation. It enables us to carry on with APT’s important and life-changing work.