7:00amTalking to your family about addictionWalter/Hailey
9:00amManaging Mental Health in recoveryWalter/Hailey
4:45amAnnual ReviewKim R/Cliff
5:30amAnnual ReviewMarissa/JD
5:45amAnnual ReviewJoann/Katie
6:00amAnnual ReviewBrian/Cliff
6:15amAnnual ReviewJoann/Kim R
6:30amAnnual ReviewLiz/Gayle
6:45amAnnual ReviewKatie/Ashley L
7:00amAnnual ReviewJD/Stephanie
7:15amAnnual ReviewAndrea/JD
7:30amAnnual ReviewJoann/Kim R
7:45amAnnual ReviewGayle/Liz
8:00amAnnual ReviewCliff/Brian
8:15amAnnual ReviewAshley L/JD
8:30amAnnual ReviewKim R/Stephanie
8:45amAnnual ReviewMarissa/Gayle
9:00amAnnual ReviewStephanie/Andrea
9:15amAnnual ReviewBrian/Ashley L
9:30amAnnual ReviewJD/Liz
9:45amAnnual ReviewKatie/Kim R
10:00amAnnual ReviewAndrea/Stephanie
10:15amAnnual ReviewCliff/JD
10:30amAnnual ReviewGayle/Kim R
10:45amAnnual ReviewBrian/Marissa
11:00amAnnual ReviewStephanie/Andrea
11:15amAnnual ReviewMarissa/Liz
11:30amAnnual ReviewJD/Cliff
11:45amAnnual ReviewKatie/Stephanie
12:00pmAnnual ReviewAndrea/JD
12:15pmAnnual ReviewGayle/Joann
12:30pmAnnual ReviewStephanie/Marissa
12:45pmAnnual ReviewAshley L/JD
5:00amAnnual ReviewCliff/Kim R
5:30amAnnual ReviewGayle/Marissa
5:45amAnnual ReviewAshley L/Liz
6:00amAnnual ReviewKim R/Hailey
6:15amAnnual ReviewAshley S/Marissa
6:30amAnnual ReviewWalter/Cliff
6:45amAnnual ReviewLiz/Brian
7:00amAnnual ReviewHailey/Gayle
7:15amAnnual ReviewAndrea/Marissa
7:30amAnnual ReviewStephanie/Ashley S
7:45amAnnual ReviewMarissa/Brian
8:00amAnnual ReviewGayle/Liz
8:15amAnnual ReviewKim R/Hailey
8:30amAnnual ReviewBrian/Gayle
8:45amAnnual ReviewHailey/Cliff
9:15amAnnual ReviewAndrea/Hailey
9:30amAnnual ReviewJD/Walter
9:45amAnnual ReviewAshley L/Liz
10:00amAnnual ReviewKatie/Ashley S
10:00amIOP AftercareJeff/George
10:30amAnnual ReviewBrian/Kim R
11:00amAnnual ReviewMarissa/Hailey
11:30amAnnual ReviewKatie/Stephanie
12:00pmAnnual ReviewAshley S/Walter
12:30pmAnnual ReviewJD/Hailey
12:45pmAnnual ReviewKatie/Brian
4:45amAnnual ReviewCliff/Kim R
5:30amAnnual ReviewHailey/Liz
5:45amAnnual ReviewGayle/JD
6:00amAnnual ReviewWalter/Katie
6:15amAnnual ReviewBrian/Ashley L
6:30amAnnual ReviewLiz/Hailey
6:45amAnnual ReviewAshley S/ Marissa
7:00amAnnual ReviewKatie/Ashley L
7:15amAnnual ReviewAndrea/Walter
7:30amAnnual ReviewStephanie/JD
7:45amAnnual ReviewAshley L/Walter
8:00amAnnual ReviewJD/Katie
8:15amAnnual ReviewMarissa/Liz
8:30amAnnual ReviewKim R/Cliff
8:45amAnnual ReviewCliff/Stephanie
9:00amAnnual ReviewHenry/Liz
9:15amAnnual ReviewGayle/Walter
9:30amAnnual ReviewHailey/Liz
9:45amAnnual ReviewAshley S/Marissa
10:00amAnnual ReviewKatie/JD
10:15amAnnual ReviewBrian/Ashley S
10:30amAnnual ReviewAndrea/Liz
10:45amAnnual ReviewStephanie/Cliff
11:00amAnnual ReviewMarissa/Ashley S
11:15amAnnual ReviewAshley L/Hailey
11:30amAnnual ReviewJD/Katie
11:45amAnnual ReviewBrian/Marissa
12:00pmAnnual ReviewAshley S/Stephanie
12:15pmAnnual ReviewWalter/JD
12:30pmAnnual ReviewAndrea/Marissa
12:45pmAnnual ReviewGayle/Walter
5:00amAnnual ReviewCliff/Jeff
5:30amAnnual ReviewKim R/Walter
5:45amAnnual ReviewAshley L/Liz
6:00amAnnual ReviewJoann/Andrea
6:15amAnnual ReviewHailey/Cliff
6:30amAnnual ReviewAshley S/Gayle
6:45amAnnual ReviewMarissa/Ashley S
7:00amAnnual ReviewJoann/Ashley L
7:15amAnnual ReviewAndrea/Hailey
7:30amAnnual ReviewJD/Cliff
7:45amAnnual ReviewWalter/Kim R
8:00amAnnual ReviewGayle/Marissa
8:15amAnnual ReviewKatie/JD
8:30amAnnual ReviewStephanie/Hailey
8:45amAnnual ReviewBrian/Marissa
9:00amAnnual ReviewLiz/Cliff
9:15amAnnual ReviewKim R/Brian
9:30amAnnual ReviewGayle/Liz
9:45amAnnual ReviewHailey/JD
10:00amAnnual ReviewCliff/Ashley L
10:15amAnnual ReviewAshley L/Cliff
10:30amAnnual ReviewMarissa/Gayle
10:45amAnnual ReviewAndrea/Hailey
11:00amAnnual ReviewJD/Cliff
11:15amAnnual ReviewStephanie/Gayle
11:30amAnnual ReviewAshley S/Hailey
11:45amAnnual ReviewWalter/AshleyL
12:00pmAnnual ReviewKatie/Marissa
12:00pmIOP AftercareLiz/Diane
12:15pmAnnual ReviewMarissa/Andrea
5:00amAnnual ReviewCliff/Kim R
5:30amAnnual ReviewHailey/Marissa
5:45amAnnual ReviewAndrea/Katie
6:00amAnnual ReviewAshley L/Walter
6:15amAnnual ReviewKatie/Cliff
6:30amAnnual ReviewMarissa/Walter
6:45amAnnual ReviewStephanie/Liz
7:00amAnnual ReviewJD/Marissa
7:15amAnnual ReviewAshley S/Andrea
7:30amAnnual ReviewWalter/Hailey
7:45amAnnual ReviewGayle/Marissa
8:00amAnnual ReviewBrian/Ashley L
8:15amAnnual ReviewKim R/Gayle
8:30amAnnual ReviewKatie/Liz
8:45amAnnual ReviewAshley S/JD
9:00amAnnual ReviewHailey/Marissa
9:15amAnnual ReviewStephanie/Walter
9:30amAnnual ReviewAndrea/JD
9:45amAnnual ReviewGayle/Walter
10:00amAnnual ReviewMarissa/Ashley L
10:15amAnnual ReviewWalter/Ashley S
10:30amAnnual ReviewAshley L/Katie
10:45amAnnual ReviewBrian/Walter
11:00amAnnual ReviewHailey/Gayle
11:15amAnnual ReviewJD/Ashley S
11:30amAnnual ReviewStephanie/Hailey
11:45amAnnual ReviewAshley L/Walter
12:00pmAnnual ReviewKatie/Liz
12:15pmAnnual ReviewAndrea/JD
12:30pmAnnual ReviewBrian/Gayle
12:45pmAnnual ReviewAshley S/Stephanie
7:00amAnnual ReviewWalter/Hailey
9:00amAnnual ReviewWalter/Hailey

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Recent News

APT Physicians Earn Board Certification in Addiction Medicine

APT’s own Drs. Shi and Tetrault both recently became board certified in Addiction Medicine.  They successfully passed the American Board of Preventative Medicine certifying exam and are now specialists in Addiction Medicine in addition to being board certified in Internal Medicine. APT patients and staff alike benefit from their knowledge and experience.

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Dr. Tetrault receives Macy Foundation Award

Jeanette Tetrault, MD, staff physician at CMU and Associate Professor of Medicine At Yale University School of Medicine has been received the Macy Foundation Faculty Scholars Award. The award recognizes the work of innovative educators in medicine and nursing. Macy Faculty Scholars are selected for having demonstrated innovation in health professions education and because they…

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Dancing Mindfulness Training at APT Foundation

APT held Dancing Mindfulness training for staff the week of September 18, 2017.  Staff and patients involved with the training all reported a very positive experience.  Dancing Mindfulness groups will be added to all clinic group schedules soon!

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APT’s 6th Annual Fundraiser Gala

APT hosted its annual Fundraiser Gala at the picturesque Owenego Inn in Branford on Thursday evening, September 14, 2017.  Entertainment was provided by Joni Madden and Andy Cutic and the evening featured live and silent auctions.

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    On Wednesday, January 11, 2017, APT Foundation awarded a total of $15,000 in scholarships to sixteen recipients at a ceremony held at Gateway Community College.  Eight people received scholarships to begin or continue their education at various Connecticut Community and State Colleges and Universities.  Four are pursuing certifications in phlebotomy, HVAC and EMT.  One…

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