8:00am-9:00amLanguage of Letting GoDeannaGround Fl
10:00am-11:00amRelapse PreventionRhondaGround Fl
5:00am-6:00amTheology and AddictionMuhammadrm 103/1st fl
5:30am-6:30amAlcohol and RecoveryDerekrm 102/1st fl
5:30am-6:30amDepressionAlethearm 108/1st fl
6:00am-7:00amHoliday Relapse PreventionGigirm 306/3rd fl
6:00am-7:00amWomen's GroupJeanetterm 301/3rd fl
6:30am-7:30amAnger ManagementDorielrm 102/1st fl
6:30am-7:30amOverdose Prevention w/ NarcanMichellerm 108/1st fl
7:00am-8:00amCurrent Events in RecoveryMuhammadrm 306/3rd fl
7:30am-8:30amCore Education - SpanishFranrm 102/1st fl
7:30am-8:30amMindfulness of CravingsDiana A.rm 108/1st fl
8:00am-9:00amMen's GroupDerekrm 301/3rd fl
8:00am-9:00amProcess of RecoveryVinnyrm 306/3rd fl
8:30am-9:30amHealing Hearts: Grief and LossLizrm 108/1st fl
8:30am-9:30amRaking in Recovery: Origami ArtRichardrm 102/1st fl
9:00am-10:00amExpress Yourself-Writing GroupReed/DeclanMRU/2nd fl
9:00am-10:00amIOP Check InCarmela/Michellerm 301/3rd fl
9:30am-10:30amSpanish Holiday Relapse PreventionFranrm 102/1st fl
9:30am-10:30amDomestic ViolenceDorielrm 108/1st fl
10:00am-11:00amAnxiety DisordersAlethearm 301/3rd fl
10:00am-11:00amProcess of RecoveryVinnyrm 306/3rd fl
11:30am-12:30pmLife Skills: Gardening and RecoveryHenry/Deannarm 108/1st fl
12:00pm-1:00pmHollywood at WorkGaryrm 301/3rd fl
12:00pm-1:00pmCodependencyJeanetterm 306/3rd fl
12:30pm-1:30pmFocusing on MeDiana A.rm 102/1st fl
12:30pm-1:30pmNutrition in RecoveryDavidrm 108/1st fl
1:00pm-2:00pmIdentifying TriggersMyriamrm 301/3rd fl
2:00pm-3:00pmHoliday Relapse PreventionCarmelarm 102/1st fl
5:00am-6:00amHoliday Relapse PreventionRhondarm 103/1st fl
5:30am-6:30amSmoking CessationDominiquerm 102/1st fl
5:30am-6:30amSleep HygieneDeannarm 108/1st fl
6:00am-7:00amTaking OwnershipAlethearm 301/3rd fl
6:00am-7:00amRelapse Prevention - SpanishFranrm 103/1st fl
6:30am-7:30amOvercoming ObstaclesBreannrm 102/1st fl
6:30am-7:30amA Step UpDerekrm 108/1st fl
7:00am-8:00amStages of GriefGigirm 301/3rd fl
7:00am-8:00amUnderstanding ParentingDorielrm 306/3rd fl
7:30am-8:30amDomestic ViolenceJeanetterm 102/1st fl
7:30am-8:30amOverdose Prevention w/ NarcanMichellerm 108/1st fl
8:00am-9:00amCulture and AddictionDiana A.rm 301/3rd fl
8:00am-9:00amProcess of RecoveryVinnyrm 306/3rd fl
8:30am-9:30amArt and Music in RecoveryCarmelarm 102/1st fl
8:30am-9:30amJob Seeking SkillsGaryrm 108/1st fl
9:00am-10:00amPTSDAlethearm 306/3rd fl
9:00am-10:00amSpiritualityDavidrm 103/1st fl
9:00am-10:00amIOP Check InLiz/Breannrm 301/3rd fl
9:30am-10:30amHealthy RelationshipsFranrm 102/1st fl
9:30am-10:30amTime ManagementDorielrm 108/1st fl
10:00am-11:00amMaking AmendsMyriamrm 301/3rd fl
10:00am-11:00amProcess of RecoveryVinnyrm 306/3rd fl
10:30am-11:30amStrengths and Self EsteemTara/Derekrm 102/1st fl
10:30am-11:30amDual DiagnosisRhondarm 108/1st fl
11:00am-12:00pmIOP Wrap UpMichelle/Deannarm 301/3rd fl
11:00am-12:00pmAcupunctureDominiquerm 306/3rd fl
11:30am-12:30pmArt: Coping with AbuseRichardrm 102/1st fl
11:30am-12:30pmHoliday Relapse PreventionGigirm 108/1st fl
12:00pm-1:00pmCrocheting RecoveryCarmelarm 301/3rd fl
12:00pm-1:00pmCreative WritingJeanetterm 306/3rd fl
12:30pm-1:30pmBeliefs, Values & CultureDavidrm 102/1st fl
12:30pm-1:30pmDeveloping Positive SelfDiana A.rm 108/1st fl
1:00pm-2:00pmMindful MeditationLizrm 301/3rd fl
1:00pm-2:00pmProcessing RecoveryMyriamrm 306/3rd fl
2:00pm-3:00pmCreative RecoveryRichardrm 102/1st fl
5:00am-6:00amBudgeting and Finances in RecoveryGigirm 103/1st fl
5:30am-6:30amOverdose Prevention w/ NarcanFranrm 108/1st fl
6:00am-7:00amAcupunctureMichellerm 306/3rd fl
6:30am-7:30amYou Are Not AloneBreannrm 108/1st fl
7:00am-8:00amAccountability & ResponsibilityAlethearm 301/3rd fl
7:30am-8:30amRelapse Prevention Art GroupRichardrm 102/1st fl
8:00am-9:00amMen's Group 50 and OverDerekrm 301/3rd fl
8:00am-9:00amProcess of RecoveryVinnyrm 306/3rd fl
8:30am-9:30amSmoking CessationDominiquerm 108/1st fl
8:30am-9:30amWomen's IssuesMichellerm 102/1st fl
9:00am-10:00amProceso de RecuperacionFranrm 103/1st fl
9:00am-10:00amIOP Check InDavidrm 301/3rd fl
9:30am-10:30amThinking, Doing, SayingDeannarm 102/1st fl
10:00am-11:00amDomestic ViolenceRhondarm 301/3rd fl
10:00am-11:00amProcess of RecoveryVinnyrm 306/3rd fl
10:30am-11:30amHoliday Relapse PreventionBreannrm 108/1st fl
10:30am-11:30amMandala Art GroupLizrm 102/1st fl
11:00am-12:00pmIOP Wrap UpDerekrm 301/3rd fl
11:00am-12:00pmFaith in RecoveryDavidrm 306/3rd fl
11:30am-12:30pmHealthy LivingDorielrm 103/1st fl
11:30am-12:30pmOverdose Prevention w/ NarcanDominiquerm 108/1st fl
12:00pm-1:00pmDepressionAlethearm 301/3rd fl
12:30pm-1:30pmIdentifying TriggersMyriamrm 108/1st fl
1:00pm-2:00pmLoss and the HolidaysLizrm 306/3rd fl
2:00pm-3:00pmRaking in Recovery: Origami ArtRichardrm 102/1st fl
8:00am-9:00amHoliday Stress ManagementCassyGround Fl
10:00am-11:00amBiology of Opiates & FentanylToniGround Fl

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Recent News


    On Wednesday, January 11, 2017, APT Foundation awarded a total of $15,000 in scholarships to sixteen recipients at a ceremony held at Gateway Community College.  Eight people received scholarships to begin or continue their education at various Connecticut Community and State Colleges and Universities.  Four are pursuing certifications in phlebotomy, HVAC and EMT.  One…

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The Moms ‘n’ Kids Program

The Moms ‘n’ Kids Program will begin enrollment for their new research study/parenting program this January 2016! The Moms ‘n’ Kids Program is an NIH-funded collaboration between the Yale School of Medicine and the APT Foundation. Mothers caring for children under the age of 5 are invited to enroll! When mothers join, they complete interviews…

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3rd Annual Gala Fundraiser celebrating the power of recovery was a roaring success!

APT Foundation’s 3rd Annual Gala Fundraiser celebrating the power of recovery was a roaring success! Thanks in part to our generous supporterwe raised over $70,000 that will directly benefit individuals who use our programs and services. The local support we received is an affirmation of the importance of the APT Foundation to the people in…

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APT Foundation is running an exciting new nationally approved course called Mental Health First Aid !

APT Foundation is running an exciting new nationally approved course called Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). MHFA is a groundbreaking public education program that helps the people identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Many of us have been trained how to respond if someone chokes, but few know…

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 In the summer of 2013, through the generosity of our donors we launched a pilot Therapeutic Garden Project at one of our outpatient treatment facilities.   A combination of staff and clients are using  gardening  as an alternative therapeutic  tool  to help  them develop new skills, work through problems, enhance their ability to meditate &…

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