5:45amStart The Day with RecoveryKim R1
6:30amRecovery in the MorningAndrea2
7:30amDiscovering the 12 Steps in RecoveryJimmy1
8:00amMandala Art TherapyMeredith6
8:30amImproving DepressionSue P3
9:00amIOP Check InJeff/Liz5
9:00amSpirituality and RecoveryJimmy1
10:00amCoping Skills - IOPJeff/Liz5
10:00amRecovery Rock and RollCliff1
10:30amTackling Cocaine Addiction in RecoveryJimna2
11:00amLearning About Symptoms - IOPJeff/Liz5
11:00amCore Ed 1&2 (medical issues/methadone treatment)Jimmy1
11:30amJob Seeking Skills (employment seeking only)Colette3
12:00pmRecovery is GreatDiane1
12:30pmOverdose PreventionSusie5
1:00pmTrending, Local and Relevant David1
3:00pmRelapse PreventionDiane2
5:45amMorning RecoveryKim R1
6:15amRecovery at DawnAndrea2
7:00amCore Ed 3&4 (policies&procedures/overdose prevention)Jimmy1
7:30amMorning MeditationMeredith5
8:00amManaging Anger Thru FilmKim T2
8:30amOverdose PreventionSue P1
9:00amIOP Check InTrusenia/Cliff5
9:00amLife Skills/GardeningSusie0
9:00amSpirituality and RecoveryJimmy1
9:30amTackling Cocaine Addiction in RecoveryJimna2
10:00amCoping Skills - IOPTrusenia/Cliff1
10:30amTrending, Local and Relevant David2
11:00amLearning About Symptoms - IOPTrusenia/Cliff5
11:00amCore Ed 1&2 (medical issues/methadone treatment)Jimmy1
12:30pmBuilding Brick By BrickDiane1
3:00pmRelapse PreventionJimna5
6:00amUnderstanding Biology of AddictionAndrea2
7:00amDeveloping DBT SkillsSheila4
7:00amVeteran's GroupCliff5
7:30amCore Ed 1&2 (medical issues/methadone treatment)Jimmy1
8:00amExpressing Your FeelingsBunny2
9:00amIOP AftercareJeff4
9:00amIOP Check InSue P/Jimna5
9:00amAcupunctureKim T2
9:00amLife Skills/GardeningLiz0
9:30amSpirituality and RecoveryJimmy1
10:00amCoping Skills - IOPSue P/Jimna4
10:00amMandala Art TherapyMeredith5
10:30amTrending, Local and Relevant David4
11:00amDiscover the Recovery - IOPSue P/Jimna2
11:00amCore Ed 3&4 (policies&procedures/overdose Prevention)Jimmy1
11:00amRecovery is WorkingColette3
12:00pmCreating New Memories Through ScrapebookingTrusenia4
1:00pmRecovery is GreatDiane2
5:00pmCommunication in RecoverySusie/Jeff6
5:45amWake Up To RecoveryKim R1
6:15amMorning RecoveryAndrea2
7:00amMandala Art TherapyMeredith5
7:30amUnderstanding Addiction in RecoveryCliff4
8:30amTackling Cocaine Addiction in RecoveryJimna2
9:00amIOP Check InSusie/Kim T5
9:00amBuilding Boundaries in RecoveryTrusenia4
9:30amStigma BustersCliff2
10:00amCoping Skills - IOPSusie/Kim T6
10:00amTo Taper or not to TaperBunny2
10:30amHow Family History Affects RecoverySue P4
11:00amDiscover the Recovery - IOPSusie/Kim T2
11:00amPoetry in RecoveryTrusenia5
11:30amRelapse PreventionSheila3
12:00pmTrending, Local and Relevant David1
3:00pmRelapse PreventionLiz2
6:30amEarly Risers/Weekend PlanningAndrea2
7:30amLife Skills/GardeningSue P0
8:30amMeditation - The Power of SilienceMeredith5
9:00amIOP Check InDavid/Jeff2
9:00amHollywood at WorkAndrea B3
10:00amCoping Skills - IOPDavid/Jeff5
10:00amRecovery Rock and RollCliff4
10:30amTackling Cocaine Addiction in RecoveryJimna2
11:00amTrending, Local and Relevant - IOPDavid/Jeff1
11:00amPoetry in RecoveryTrusenia2
11:30amEmotion RegulationSheila3
12:00pmDeveloping Relapse Prevention SkillsDiane1
12:00pmAcupunctureKim T5
3:00pmRelapse Prevention2

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Recent News

The Moms ‘n’ Kids Program

The Moms ‘n’ Kids Program will begin enrollment for their new research study/parenting program this January 2016! The Moms ‘n’ Kids Program is an NIH-funded collaboration between the Yale School of Medicine and the APT Foundation. Mothers caring for children under the age of 5 are invited to enroll! When mothers join, they complete interviews…

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3rd Annual Gala Fundraiser celebrating the power of recovery was a roaring success!

APT Foundation’s 3rd Annual Gala Fundraiser celebrating the power of recovery was a roaring success! Thanks in part to our generous supporterwe raised over $70,000 that will directly benefit individuals who use our programs and services. The local support we received is an affirmation of the importance of the APT Foundation to the people in…

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APT Foundation is running an exciting new nationally approved course called Mental Health First Aid !

APT Foundation is running an exciting new nationally approved course called Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). MHFA is a groundbreaking public education program that helps the people identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Many of us have been trained how to respond if someone chokes, but few know…

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  “This year was especially exciting as our APT Scholarship applicants came from all modalities of our treatment spectrum.  However, they all had one thing in common, a belief that through recovery they could again expand their minds to learn and attain their career goals,” said Board Chair,Rev.David Parachini.  This year the Foundation hosted its 17th Annual…

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 In the summer of 2013, through the generosity of our donors we launched a pilot Therapeutic Garden Project at one of our outpatient treatment facilities.   A combination of staff and clients are using  gardening  as an alternative therapeutic  tool  to help  them develop new skills, work through problems, enhance their ability to meditate &…

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